Happy Father’s Day

by Bella Rum

H and his boy at Inner Harbor in Baltimore, MD

Brandon and AnchorWe drove down to see Dad yesterday and to give him his Father’s Day gift – a bird feeder. It has a weighted perch/bar that allows a bird to light on it and access the seed, but it closes with the heavier weight of a squirrel. We have one and it works well.
all grown up with his little girl at Disneyland 

Father's Day

I heard the other day that four in ten American households with children under 18 now include a mother who is either the sole or primary earner for her family. It makes me sad. Dads are so important to the family.

My father is failing and he speaks so softly now that I have to lean in close and listen intently. Yesterday, my brother stopped by during our visit. As soon as he entered the room, my father sat a little straighter, and he spoke louder and with more command in his voice.

Dad and The Brother – around 1951


It’s been this way ever since he had his last stroke. He will not allow my brother to see his vulnerability.  The transformation is obvious and impressive when my brother is in the room. When my brother was leaving, he said, “Happy Father’s Day, Dad.” With authority, Dad said, “You be here to tell me that tomorrow, and bring me something good to eat.”  “I will, Dad.”  He loves it when Dad is full of himself.

My brother is 66, and I wish you could see his face when he talks about Dad in his prime. Even to this day, his influence on my brother endures. It has occurred to me that my brother’s perception of Dad is quite different from mine. He sees him the way Dad wants him to see him. That’s his boy and he’s his dad… even now.

Happy Father’s Day.