Wedding Bells, Fire Trucks and Squeaks

by Bella Rum

IMG_2899The son of two of our closest friends (pink eye put the kibosh on our long anticipated visit to them last week) is getting married.

The lovely couple lives in Colorado. The wildfires threatened their apartment. His future bride called him at work to tell him she was evacuating. She asked him if there was anything he wanted her to remove from the apartment. He said, “My grandmother’s paintings.” His grandmother is a wonderful artist. She’s in her late eighties. My friend called to tell her that her paintings were the only possessions he cared enough about to save. I’m sure she loved hearing that.

The wedding reception location is in the Black Forest. They’re not sure if the structure survives. Fingers crossed.

In Other News 

Guess who’s here? Fixing the squeak in my dryer? You guessed it. Kevin The Great! I’m trying my best to get him to do a video explaining all the stuff he just explained to me. It would go viral in two seconds. It’s amazing what people don’t know about their appliances. Kevin knows it ALL, and now I do, too. Only one problem. I won’t know it tomorrow. CRS!