Generation Y

by Bella Rum

appliance_repair_dudeI’m going to lose my blogging credentials. I didn’t get a photo of Kevin for you. I wanted to, but I lacked the audacity to ask him and the shamelessness to sneak one. I must work on that shamelessness thing.  Maybe one of my New Year’s resolutions for 2014. I didn’t make one resolution this year, even though I’m a resolution sort of gal. Twenty thirteen was a different kind of new year.

We had four repairmen/workmen/craftsmen in the house on Tuesday. Last night, H said he was impressed with all of the young guys who worked in our house. He said that each was exceptional at his particular skill and unfailingly polite. They were all generous in sharing their knowledge and offering tips and information to H. They talked about their wives and kids. A nice experience for H, a guy who usually does everything around his house.

With college costs soaring and many of our manufacturing jobs disappearing, acquiring a particular and essential set of skills has taken on new luster for some of these guys who may have considered other alternatives only one generation ago. The nice thing is that all of them seemed to like their jobs.

In Other News

I hope to get over to my favorite farmer’s stand today. We need a few tomatoes and other veggies. That delicious vegetable tian that I made last summer is in my future. It was my favorite “new” recipe of 2012.