marking time

by Bella Rum

Dad has a thing about time. He pays an inordinate amount of respect to every single second in the day. It makes it very hard to live up to his expectations when the expectations are so unreachable. We are mere humans, and he… well, he is a human tick-tock machine.

H left a little while ago to pick up a few things at the grocery store. Dad used to look at his watch every time I left the house when we lived with him, and if I wasn’t back exactly when he thought I should be there was heck to pay. A few minutes ago, I asked him:

Bella ~ Dad, did you put H on the clock?

Dad ~ (looking sheepish and nose growing slightly longer) No, I didn’t!

Bella ~ He left at two, you know. Said he’d be back in an hour.

Dad ~ waits a few seconds… then sneaks a peek at his watch

Bella ~ What do you think we should do to him if he’s late.

Dad ~ You could talk mean to him a little.