Two-Cheese Squash Casserole

by Bella Rum


Do you see H’s wallet in his pocket there in the background? It should be huge because he’s made of money. Do you know how I know this? He leaves every light on in the house when he leaves the room. If my father taught me nothing else, he taught me to turn the danged light off when I leave a room, and to keep the windows shut when the A/C is running. “Can’t you see those dollar bills flying out the window, girl?” But that’s not what this post is about. I have a recipe for you, and H is doing the dishes for me, so I need to stop criticizing.

If you like squash and if you don’t mind washing dishes, this is the recipe for you. I’m not saying it’s difficult. It’s not. I’m not saying it’s complicated. It’s not. BUT it requires boiling, baking, sautéing and chopping, AND it calls into service every single bowl, pan, baking dish, measuring spoon and cup in your kitchen. I exaggerate. A little. But not much.

You have to remember that I don’t love cooking, and I really don’t love doing dishes. I do love reading recipes, and I occasionally try something new because I love eating,  but I have faith in all of you that you do not (as my son would say) have the “lazitude” that I do when it comes to cooking. This is a delicious recipe, and every time I make it I swear I will never make it again. But I do. I make it about once a year, and with every bite, I wish I didn’t have such a lazy attitude toward cooking. It’s that good.

I was even too lazy to snap photos as I went along. I always love that pretty shot of all the ingredients sitting on the counter: the parsley looking so sprite, the pretty box of kosher salt and the bounty of fresh vegetables looking as if I just brought them in from our own vegetable garden. And, of course, I’m wearing a floppy, straw hat and carrying a basket over my arm while wearing gardening gloves and holding garden shears, and maybe I’m wearing a calico sundress with a flowing skirt.

We’re going to Dad’s tomorrow, and I thought he would enjoy this.

Here’s the recipe:  Two-Cheese Squash Casserole My only suggestion: reduce the topping to only two-thirds of it’s original amount … except for the butter. Leave the butter the same. There’s too much topping, and it’s a bit dry if you don’t put a little extra butter in it. This recipe is even better the second day. Something lovely happens with the eggs and cheese after it sits in the fridge overnight. This is a Southern Living recipe. If you like squash you’ll love it.