Transition? Still?

by Bella Rum

World with speech bubblesYes. Still. It seems we are always in transition. We just notice it more when it’s on the difficult side. We got back from Dad’s a few hours ago after sitting in I-64 traffic for a couple of hours as the car overheated. We had to turn the A/C off again – or so H said. I didn’t want to, but I have to admit that it did  help… the car…. not us. What’s the big deal? It was only 99 degrees with humidity as thick as molasses, but who’s complaining. Not me. There’s a new car in our future. It’s time.

Dad’s house is one of those ubiquitous brick ranchers of the fifties and sixties. It does not have central air, and Dad never thought it was necessary. When we arrived, the A/C in the room where we sleep was not working well – just barely. H went to Best Buy and bought a new one and installed it in the bedroom window. Someone broke one of the bathroom window panes. H had to replace that because dollar bills were flying out the window along with the A/C. The lights were not working in the hood over the stove in the kitchen. H found the correct lights ($15 a bulb) and replaced them. He was in such a good mood after all that. In case you didn’t know, that there was sarcasm. Still, there’s a sense of satisfaction when you accomplish things and it all works out the way you planned. Of course, Dad is never happier than when H is working on his house. 🙂

imagesCul-de-sac Chronicles celebrates its fourth anniversary today. I didn’t even know. WordPress sent me a Happy Anniversary reminder. When I take a peek at my stat counter, I see people from all over the world dropping in on  my doorstep. Who cares that they’re all looking for cholesterol-lowering muffin recipes or honey and whiskey cures for sore throats or information about grubs? It’s still a pretty neat thing.

Anyway, that little nudge from WordPress sent me skimming through my archives. I checked out the very first post I wrote back in July of 2009, and guess what? The title was Transition. I was so serious back then.

The more things change, the more they stay the same, but we’re still kickin’ it, and that’s a good thing.

We can hear the thunder in the distance and smell the rain on the way. The temperature is dropping. We’re off to the front porch with a glass of wine. Happy blogiversary to me. I may celebrate by dancing naked in the cul-de-sac as the rain runs down my face…. or not.