H’s Lawn Reveal

by Bella Rum


Remember when we woke one day and the grubs had absconded with our entire yard? This is one of the few pics I have to prove that I’m not exaggerating. H was removing the dogwood in the front yard… in the rain. You can see that the entire yard was a sea of dirt and dead grass. We distinguished ourselves in the cul-de-sac that summer.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I scoffed at all his hard work, his I-can-do-it-attitude. He threw himself into the project. Year after year, I watched from the deck or front porch. As autumn days shortened and mother nature prepared to bed down for the winter, he aerated and seeded and fertilized. As the earth renewed itself in spring, he repeated his efforts. And it was beautiful. I must admit, our yard was awash in green every spring… and then…. da, da, da, daa….  July arrived. Dreaded July. July became the month he dreaded all year-long.

After weeks of drought, the grass always died. There came a point every year when there was no point in wasting the water. By August 1, our yard was always a post-apocalyptic landscape.

I wrote a post just last spring about how disappointed and broken he would be by the end of July. Now we find ourselves on the front edge of August.

I eat my words (I’m hardly going to mention that we’ve had an extraordinarily wet summer and watering has not been necessary.). I’m just going to show you H’s yard. Roll that beautiful lawn footage.IMG_3377

Front YardIMG_3382~


H is a happy man. We have to sell this house next spring or he will be a broken man come July, 2014.