traveling 64 on a beach weekend

by Bella Rum

We’re leaving for Dad’s in a couple of hours. He turned 96 on Friday, but we’re celebrating at my brother’s house today. He and his gal will make a feast for us. I’m not sure what we’ll have, but there will be a lot of it and it will be delicious. The soft crabs are scarce lately. So. Probably none of those.

I bought Dad some new pants, a shirt, some spiced peaches and pickled beats and a new shaver for his birthday. This is the third shaver I’ve replaced this year. He puts it on his little table when he finishes shaving, and either he or one of his caregivers knocks it off every few months. Then they take it apart and try to fix it. Oh, my. I really thought Dad was the culprit (you’d think) until the other day when his care giver noticed it on the floor under his table and said, “Shoot, I knocked his shaver down there and forgot to pick it up.” Sigh.

We’ll try to beat the beach traffic. Saturdays and Sundays are the worst, but I’m hoping everyone went down yesterday. Delusional, I know.

I’m looking forward to this day. Dad will love it. He can brag a little about what a great cook his boy is (but never in front of him), and he loves my brother’s gal’s mother (very attractive 70 something) and her collards. My nephew (the greatest nephew in the entire world) will be there with his beautiful girls and his wife. It will be fun and delicious and celebratory.

I’m off to the shower and packing up the car. Let’s hope I don’t forget the cake.IMG_3453