by Bella Rum

caught in the actIMG_3223

I didn’t realize until long after I snapped this picture and was going through all the pics that she was searching my purse for what? Probably candy. I may not have realized what she was doing, but you can tell by the look on her face that she did. She looks very guilty, doesn’t she? She’s twenty months now and has worked her mother’s smart phone for months. She had the most pitiful, patchy tufts of hair until a couple of months ago. She suddenly produced this headful of soft, dark curls. She likes the men. It’s insane how she flirts with them. She loves me but she loves H more. 😦 I think she’s going to be an introvert. I don’t know how to explain it. She doesn’t seem shy but more observant and occupied with her own pursuits… like my purse. She is the center of attention, but not because she’s asking for it. She’s just the baby and that’s the way things work.

They are coming today – all three of them – and I can’t wait to see them. We don’t see them often enough but much more than we used to. We no longer have to spend the first day getting reunited. This is good.

Dad’s situation seems to have stabilized. I guess he was right, and all the rest of us were wrong. It happens.

I made a cheese cake yesterday. I have the best recipe, but it’s baked it in a water bath. Water seeped into the springform pan even though I wrapped foil around the bottom. I hope it didn’t ruin it. My oldest granddaughter loves cheese cake.

Have a great weekend. Only one more left until the unofficial end of summer.