New Countertops, Shingles, Comcast

by Bella Rum

I’m at home, sitting in front of my computer, sipping my coffee with artificial sweetener and one of those fake almond-flavored creamers. My friend asked me why I didn’t get some ersatz coffee and be done with it.

The house is quiet and peaceful. I’m in heaven.

In a few hours, there will be lots of noise: hammering, ripping out, pounding, male voices. They’re installing the new countertops today. It’s about time. They told us it would be two weeks. That was over ten weeks ago. This is the very last thing we’re doing to spiff up this place. It’s enough already.

Dad has shingles. We took him to his doctor yesterday. Amazingly, he’s experiencing no pain… so far. Fingers crossed.

H finally decided to get the vaccine for shingles. Seeing Dad’s blisters influenced him more than my nagging ever could. I got the vaccine a couple of years ago. If you’ve had chickenpox you can get shingles later in life. We’re not concerned about getting shingles from Dad because you cannot contract shingles from exposer.  However, if you’ve never had chickenpox or the vaccine and are exposed to shingles, you can contract chickenpox. Everyone caring for Dad had chickenpox when they were kids. Whew!

About Comcast
Another blogger (Judy) called Comcast about her bill and they gave her a better plan for less. I remember commenting that I was going to call Comcast the next day. That was a few months ago. When the kids visited last week, I mentioned our ridiculous Comcast bill, and they almost fell out of their chairs. We had only one premium channel, HBO. Nothing else. They had everything (EVERYTHING) for about $60 less than we were paying. My DIL emailed us their bill. We called on Monday morning. We now have it ALL for less. Don’t wait like I did. Call and ask about their promotions. You may get more for less.