by Bella Rum




There are times when you have nothing to say. I’ve kind of been feeling that way. The mind refuses to do anything other than lounge around in the corner of the sofa, pillows propping it up and a softly worn lap rug draped around its shoulders, but here I am, trying to rouse it from a prolonged intermission.

We had my favorite kind of vacation. We ate fit-for-a-king food until we nearly burst, walked the beach until our calves screamed, read books until we fell asleep, slept until we woke and started all over again. I’d call that pretty perfect.

I’m making reservations for spring. Off-season weather is just right, just right for me. I like mild weather – not too hot. We did have one afternoon that was rainy and a bit cool so we took in a movie. I love movies… or cinema, my dear. But we always wait for them to show up on Xfinity/On Demand.

A Review:

We saw Gravity. I couldn’t imagine what they could be up to up there. I mean, there’s endless space. Right? But they were bumping into something or something was bumping into them every few minutes. Who knew there was so much junk up there? It’s your traditional adventure movie but in space instead of on Earth. It was intense and suspenseful – more so than I thought, well, because I believed there was only space in space. Go figure. See it in 3D. I’ve never seen anything quite like that. H ducked as debris flew at him. It was well edited, coming in at 90 minutes. If it had been longer it would have been too long. Just right.

Our only link to reality while we were at the beach involved a text from Shanna. Sweet Shanna was Dad’s caregiver on Saturdays, and she’s a nurse in Dad’s doctor’s office. It’s impossible to tell you how much she helped us in the last days and weeks of Dad’s life, refusing any compensation. She was supportive in so many ways. She’s going to rent Dad’s house from my brother. She is a single mother who helped two kids through college and has two more who will leave the nest in a few years. My brother renovated Dad’s house (at lightening speed), and Shanna will move in soon. He has lowered the going rate so she can afford it. She is over the moon at the idea of living on the water in a quiet neighborhood. I can’t tell you how good it makes my brother and me feel. I’m excited for her to see the refinished hardwood floors, the freshly painted walls, the new windows. It’s almost like a new house.

So life is moving along as only life can do, and I’m feeling better. My days haven’t been this stress-free in a long time. I know things keep changing, but, for now, I’m drifting along on quiet waters. There will always be things I wish I’d done or had not done, but I’m pretty much at peace with it all.