Election Day

by Bella Rum

vote_counts_It all started last year during the presidential race.  I don’t recall a time when we received so many political calls.  No one ever bothered us much before, but now we have to unplug the phone if we want a prolonged period of peace during elections. Maybe politicians just have more money to cover such things or more volunteers, but I suspect it’s because we’re a swing state. Whatever the case, our phone rings all evening and we usually get a couple of calls during the day. Some of them are robocalls, but we get a lot of “real” people, too.

Our gubernatorial election is today. There’s quite a gulf between our candidates, and Virginia is a little microcosm of the country. This makes us interesting to politicians and political pundits. Sometimes they make us sound like a collection of extremists. We do have some of that, but most of us fall a reasonable distance (left or right) from the middle… like most of the country.

Heavy turnout is expected. So we’ll go to the poles early to choose between two flawed candidates. I don’t know about you, but I like to like the guy I’m voting for. That’s getting harder and harder to do nowadays. It’s frustrating and disappointing.