As Christmas Unfolds in the Cul-de-sac…

by Bella Rum

IMG_4856So far so good. I made enough side dishes yesterday to feed the entire cul-de-sac. This morning, I threw the butter beans in with a ham hock, put the stuffing together, made some cocktail sauce and steamed a few shrimp for the grands. They love shrimp and will scarf them down at lunch. It sounds like a lot but I only spent about an hour in the kitchen this morning. They’ll arrive between noon and one. I won’t have that much to do tomorrow: the bird, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls (the frozen and pop in the oven kind). As you already know, the dessert is ready, plus a store-bought pecan pie. Yes, bought.

I hope all of you are happy or at peace with whatever made you unhappy this year. I reminded myself often this year that everything cannot always be good, and that the art of coping is a valuable thing to learn in life. I’ve had some bad this year and some very good. I bet the same is true for you. I once saw a cartoon. A child asked her mother, “Mom, is life good, bad, wonderful, scary, funny or sad?” The mother wisely replied, “Yes.”

Isn’t it true? Life is all of those things. I wish you all a splendid holiday. Be safe, be well and eat like a fool. January 1, 2014 is coming, and those new leaves are waiting to be turned.