all in a day

by Bella Rum

page1a_weather_smWas it only a couple of days ago when we woke to find the thermometer in our bathroom pronouncing a chilly 13ºF? Prepared for the cold temps, the little digital thermometer guy was wearing long pants, a jacket and scarf. At six o’clock this morning, he had changed into a (lightweight?) long sleeve shirt and sunglasses at an almost balmy 60º. Three hours later, the temp had dropped from 60º to 47º. He had ditched the shades and was wearing a jacket again.

I don’t know what any of this means, but I can’t stop looking at the thermometer. From hour to hour, we don’t know what to wear or eat. Will it be heavy sweaters and hearty beef stew by the fire or crudites and cocktails by the pool. We don’t have a pool, but if we did, we could skate on it one day and swim in it the next.

Okay. Got that off my chest. Now my will.

I really hate to admit this. I don’t have a will. Who doesn’t have a will at my age? About a year ago, I wrote here that I was going to take care of that. Well, I didn’t, but I’m going to tomorrow. I decided that the colonoscopy (on Thursday) could be the end of me. After all, I’m about to lose my poop, and there are some who claim it’s the only thing that holds me together. What an ignominious way to go.

I already have the will. I got it last year after that pretty dramatic health scare, but I neglected to signed it and get it notarized. Never again can I shake my finger at H for procrastinating. I take the prize.

What else?

I just cannot watch Morning Joe anymore. In theory, I like the format of the show, the idea of the show – lots of knowledgeable folks from both sides of the aisle: politicians, authors, historians, journalists, etc. – who are given ample time (3 hour show) to flesh out a topic, but Joe will not shut up long enough for anyone to finish their point. I’m game for some of his guff, but it seems to have ratcheted up over the past year. If he could only dial it back about 30%. I’m okay with spirited debate, but I’m tired of listening to an interesting guest try to complete a thought only to have Joe interrupt him/her with a juvenile joke that snatches the attention back to him just as the guest is about to reach the crux of the matter. I’ve persevered, but I’m exhausted. I don’t need frustration first thing in the morning.

I’d love to hang around and chat some more, but it’s time to look at the thermometer to see if I need sunscreen or long johns.