Snow, Sleet, Freezing Rain and Thunder Storms in the Cul-de-sac

by Bella Rum

IMG_5615We had a mixed bag in the cul-de-sac yesterday. It started snowing on Wednesday night and turned to freezing rain and back to more snow. Then we had thunderously violent, positively apocalyptic thunderstorms. It sounded like the end of the world, then it snowed again last night and made everything pretty again. It’s quiet and soft-looking and pristine out there now. From the looks of everything this morning, you’d never know we’d had the crap kicked out of us over the past thirty-six hours. Like a cat that runs into a glass pane, this morning is saying, “Whaat? What’s amatta? Nuthin’ happened here.”

Thank goodness, we didn’t lose power, but it did flicker once – just long enough to make us reset all the clocks in the house. We stayed in and made vegetable beef soup and biscuits. H is still learning to cook and doing a great job. He did most of the soup and made the biscuits.

We’re looking at cars again. I’d rather shove a bean up my nose. No one hates buying a new car more than me. H isn’t wild about it either. So we’ve put it off since fall. I think we’ve finally found one that will do.

There are so many cars out there now. I remember when you were a Chevrolet family or a Ford family or maybe a Chrysler family. H narrowed it down by price, safety, reliability and gas mileage (thank you internet).  Then we go to the dealer and drive them and check them out for comfort, handling and prettiness. Even though we think we’ve found “the one,” we’re checking out two more this morning. Then we’ll make a decision. It seems so analytical. What happened to falling in love with the sexy lines, the hot color or the roar of the engine? Well, we are getting a moon roof.