Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

by Bella Rum

IMG_5812We have a new car. We got it Saturday. It’s silver. The color is the most important thing, right? It has good gas mileage, side airbags, a high reliability rating, a sun roof and well, it’s silver.

The much talked about moon/sun roof.IMG_5853

It’s a Honda CR-V. Just CR-V. That’s it. Have they stopped naming cars? Half of them sound like the beginnings of a good password now. I kept calling it a CV-R instead of CR-V. Finally I thought of a way to remember it. Can’t Reach Vagina = CRV. That’s the first thing that (involuntarily) came to mind. It makes no sense, but I’m going with it. If I mess with it, I’ll never remember it again. Of course, I won’t share this with anyone but you guys. H preferred Compact Recreational Vehicle, but he has no imagination. I finally looked it up, and it seems to stand for Civic Recreational Vehicle A.K.A. Comfortable Run-About Vehicle. They obviously have no imagination either. Mine is better.

So there it is, our car for the next decade.