general mayhem update and my new car

by Bella Rum

First of all, I love my new car. Love it. It’s so much fun to drive. And guess what? It came with three months of free ((SiriusXM Radio)). If you’ve visited here for a while, you know how twisted my listening choices are. I think radio is where I allow my inner loon to fly. Remember that time I was lured into a radio talk show that started with the oldest ice age cave in Americaand moved quickly on to leprechaun and Sasquatch sightings? H slept through the entire thing. He doesn’t appreciate my radio selections. What can I say? I love misfits. I really do, and you can find them up and down the dial. I think my love for misfits started with my Aunt Ruby. I’ll have to write about that one day.

Now, on to the mayhem report.IMG_5929

We discovered a couple of things that needed attention after that straight-line wind we experienced on Friday. After the gas meter cover was ripped off, the gas guy checked everything immediately and found nothing of concern.  The roof guy is on my roof as I write this. I can hear him scurrying around up there. I haven’t had my shower this morning, but it will have to wait.

We have a large shadeless window in the bathroom.IMG_1979

It’s a second story bath, and no one can see into the bathroom from the ground. However, this guy is on a ladder, and the damaged roof is a little to the right and just above that window. I wouldn’t want to harm him for life should he get a glimpse of this old woman in her birthday suit.

H repaired the porch railing. He had to practically remake it, but he didn’t seem to mind. I think he enjoyed doing something outside. I’ll hit it with some paint as soon as it gets warm enough. That may be sooner than you think. We’ve already had a couple of nice days, but then again, it did snow yesterday.

My brother sustained more damage than we did. His son and one of his workers were on the river when the storm started. They couldn’t get back to offload at the business, so they had to go to another dock that my brother rents. They managed to dock safely and even offload their harvest. Then they went home, and somehow the boat caught fire. Someone at the dock tried to put it out with a fire extinguisher, but was not successful. The fire department had to finish the job. The engine was destroyed. He will have to replace it to the tune of $12,000. The cost of being in business with Mother Nature.

That’s all the news fit to tell. Spring will arrive. It will. But we still have to get through March. Dad always said March can be the most destructive month of the year if it wants to.