five minutes of bliss

by Bella Rum

We just came inside. After making an avocado and mango salad and putting a quiche in the oven for dinner, I walked out on the deck. It was seventy degrees with a slight breeze. Perfection. H came out and sat on the bench with me. We raved a little about how great it felt, and then we settled back and started to dig in for a bit. That’s when we felt the first raindrop.

So here I am.

We’re going to dinner with friends tomorrow night. We used to entertain all the time. I loved it, but I don’t cook much anymore. I’m not a great cook, but I used to stir myself into some enthusiasm when we invited people over. I even got creative occasionally. There’s something nice about preparing food for others, and then sharing it. Isn’t there?

IMG_6015We cleaned out the file cabinet. It took a couple of hours, but we did finish it. We condensed two drawers into one. Not so bad. We ran across an old driver’s license of mine. It was dated 1980 and I weighed 135 pounds. After Dad died, one of the workers came across my very first driver’s license – 1965 – in the closet in my old room. I guess they didn’t have photos back then because there wasn’t one on the license, but my brother took great pleasure in telling me that I weighed 125 pounds. Hardy har har.

I noticed buds on the lilac bush tonight. They are so pretty when they bloom. In the evening, when we’re sitting on the deck, their scent travels on the night air. H checked out the redbud tree. It’s budding, too. He fertilized the azaleas last week, and it’s time to lime the yard. The robins are bobbin’, and you know what that means. Spring, I can smell it, I can feel it, it’s almost here.