Change in Plans

by Bella Rum


My son gave that mug to me when he was a teenager. He knew me well. 

You know what I say about plans? You better have another one. We decided earlier this week that we’d drive over to a favorite seafood restaurant today. It sits beside the Potomac River and has an expansive view, but it’s a dark, cold, rainy and windy day. I’m optimistic that we’ll have a pretty day this week, and we’ll enjoy it more. Yes, that’s me, using the ‘O’ word. I’m not saying I’m a ray of sunshine, but I haven’t been my usual pessimistic self in a while now, but that’s another post.


I made a friendly suggestion for an alternate plan to H, “How about doing the taxes today?” He’s like… Um. Seafood dinner? Taxes? Seafood Dinner? Taxes?

I enticed him by promising to make a pineapple upside down cake and a big pot of homemade chicken & rice soup. He has to be bribed, cajoled and nudged along the thorny path of tax return hell. This happens every year. I want to ‘know’ and he wants to ‘assume’ it’s all good. Okay, so I still have a little pessimism going on in there. I’m anxious to see how it goes because we sold property last year. Remember that? The time has come to pay the piper.

We had dinner with friends – Maria and Doug – at a Mexican restaurant about two miles from our house last night. The food was fantastic. I had shrimp flautas and H had chile relleños topped with shredded pork cooked with onions, bell peppers and tomatoes. Mine was very good; his was excellent. I will get it next time. Chile relleños are my fave.

Maria asked if I would like to attend a book club with her. Some women at her church get together once a month. They rotate houses, meeting at a different woman’s house each month. I think I’ll do it – more for the social aspect than the reading, even though I will enjoy that, too. I feel like H and I have lost contact with so many of our friends over the years. It’s distance and death and moving and getting absorbed in the things that need attention … I don’t know. I think it’s a common problem for many of us as we … cough… grow older. I’ve spent too much time at home over the past year or so. This will be a good way to dive back into the pool.

It’s been a mean winter in more than the obvious way. Everyone must have gained weight during the polar vortex. I’ve noticed a number of my buddy bloggers bemoaning their winter of discontent and their pounds of regret. I’m right there with them. Oh, good grief. I only distinguish myself in my penchant for self-delusion. Back in November, I claimed I was going to lose weight, then again at the turn of the New Year. After all that boasting, I found some shame and finally stopped making wild claims. I don’t even have the courage to get on the scales. I shiver at the thought. If by chance I should lose a few pounds, I will let you know, but I swear not to make any more outrageous predictions.

The temperature is slowly dropping out there. Don’t you hate those days when the warmest it will be all day is when you wake in the morning? I think I’ll go eat something. Have a nice, lazy Sunday. Did I say sundae? Where’s the hot fudge and whipped cream?