Garlic, Lime and Cumin Chicken

by Bella Rum


A few days ago, Linda at The Task at Hand left the following comment.

I have some chicken breasts marinating in the fridge right now. The marinade’s from the executive chef at a hot Houston spot. We’ll see. It’s quite simple (1/2 c fresh lime juice, 1 T cumin, 2 T olive oil, 4 garlic cloves, chopped, salt & pepper to taste).

Don’t you just love getting a recipe in your comment section? I never met a chicken recipe I wouldn’t try. I bet chicken recipes are googled more than anything else in the entire universe. I have no proof, but I bet I’m right.

H and I put this together a couple of days ago. It only took a few minutes. Linda marinated her chicken about four hours and then cooked it in a skillet, adding the marinade. We baked ours – one drumstick and two breasts – about 40 minutes at 400 degrees. Those chicken breast were so huge that I put them back in in the oven for another ten minutes. How big do they think we need our chicken breasts? For crying out loud, how do the chickens walk around with all that?

I wish I had a photo of the finished product, but we scarfed it down. *bad blogger* It was even better the second day when I ate it for lunch with leftover mango & avocado salad and roasted asparagus. All the flavors had time to marry and intensify. I think it would make good chicken sandwiches the second day. I will definitely try doing it in a pan on the stove next time. Thanks, Linda.

Roasted Potatoes

IMG_6079I served the chicken with roasted potatoes. I usually have a few purple ones in there, but I couldn’t find a one in the pantry.

We’ve recently taken to buying small potatoes, cutting them in half, tossing them in olive oil and salt, turning them cut side down in the pan and roasting them at 400 degrees for about forty minutes, but check them a few minutes early just to be sure.

IMG_6095They are so delicious. The cut side is slightly browned and crusty and the center is soft and creamy. Love them.