a steady stream

by Bella Rum

IMG_6100Lilac bud. Just you wait and see.

I came fully awake in an instant as something warm and wet streamed over my upper lip. The only time I remember a similar sensation was on a beautiful spring morning in 1967. I was seventeen and sitting in the passenger seat of my friend’s Mustang when another car hit us. The impact sent me flying into the windshield. There it was, that strange feeling of water trickling down my face. I swiped at it, and was shocked when my hand came away covered in blood. That’s what happened this morning.

It was not a drop or two but a steady, free-flowing stream as I sat up on the side of the bed. I was in the midst of a nosebleed. I guess it’s a combination of springtime and taking Coumadin.

As I do every spring, I painted the bench on the deck yesterday. By the time I came inside, my voice sounded funny, my throat was scratchy and my lungs were wheezing. It’s going to be that kind of spring for me. This is my first spring with asthma. I had asthma last year, but I was still getting over the whole hospital ordeal, so it was hard to judge exactly how many of my symptoms were due to your basic run-of-the-mill recovery, and how much could be attributed to, well, spring being spring.

We’re going to barbecue on the deck tonight. A friend is joining us. It’s going to be one of those fourth of July meals: burgers and dogs, potato salad, deviled eggs, baked beans and apple pie. I swear. Apple pie! Independence day all the way… except it’s April. It’s going into the eighties today. Our coats are still hanging on the backs of kitchen chairs. Can you believe it was snowing and sleeting less than two weeks ago? What? Crazy weather AND monstrously huge chicken breasts? Can the end be far behind?

My jonquils were beaten half to death by the snow and sleet, but they still survive. I love that about them. We should all be so sturdy and beautiful.

Have a nice weekend, everybody. No bloody noses allowed.