Frus… Frus… Frustrated

by Bella Rum

2012_10_26 passwordI’m trying to change passwords, but try doing that when your computer is acting goofy and your email works only sporadically. Like my friend’s lazy son-in-law, my email only works when the mood strikes it. The rest of the time it can be found stretching luxuriously under a shady tree, slack-jawed, heavy-lidded, feet crossed at the ankles and a straw hat cocked ever so gently over its carefree face. I would love to kick it in the shins and rouse it from its peaceful resistance.

heartbleed-bugI changed the most important passwords a couple of days ago, but there are more, and the changes take a long time because of the aforementioned computer/email woes. It’s frustrating. It feels like there are too many. Is that just me? How many homes can one person have on the internet? How are you guys doing on this? Better than I am? I bet you finished yours in 30 minutes. I hope so. If only my computer would start acting like an adult.

The world is a fickle place. It has always been so, but now there seem to be so many ways the bogeyman can ‘get’ you. What a ray of sunshine, huh? My motto: Do what you can do, and then don’t think too much about it.

Moving on…

H filed the taxes last night!


thinking, thinking, thinking… am I supposed to change Amazon? Can’t remember. Uh… no…. definitely…. uh…. NO. That would be a definitely, probably no. Better check that ‘hit’ list again. What’s up with WordPress?

I’m not thinking about this anymore.