Sunday Morning Coming Down

by Bella Rum

Isn’t that an old country western song?

I always wake before him and read or write. He eventually wakes and makes the coffee – especially since the kids gave us that fancy coffee maker. He usually brings my coffee to me and we watch a little television in bed before we (he’s more dedicated) exercise. I love our morning routine. Mornings are relaxed and self-indulgent in retirement – much better than leaving the house at six a.m. And I have to say that I despise anything that gets in the way of them. If we all had retirement mornings our whole life through, divorce wouldn’t be so popular or early heart attacks. It’s a soothing space of time that shores you up for whatever the day may bring.

Friday morning’s sweet potential was shot in the foot by an early doctor’s appointment. I had to get another injection in my eyeball. I just love writing injection in my eyeball. My doctor continues to believe the injections are slowing the progress of my eye disease, IJRT.

This method was developed for macular degeneration, and it’s easier to judge how well it’s working when used for macular degeneration. It’s a little harder to judge the effectiveness with IJRT. There’s a good explanation for that, but I’m not going to bore you with it. The important things is that my doctor thinks it’s working for me because the active damage to my retina seems to have slowed. Who can say if that damage would have slowed anyway, but as my doctor said, “This is all we have.” It’s a chronic treatment so I’ll continue to get the injections every three months.

Those horrible, nasty, no-good gypsy moths finally killed my beautiful redbud tree. Remember what a delight it was? A moment of silence to reflect, please.IMG_7866 ~IMG_7868



With their voracious appetites, they practically stripped it of every leaf a few years ago when we had that horrible infestation. I knew last summer was probably its last hurrah. It wasn’t as lusty as usual, and some of the branches didn’t produce leaves. This spring, only half the tree bloomed, and it sprouted smaller leaves than usual. So we bought a red Japanese maple. H dug up the redbud and planted the maple yesterday. It’s pretty and it’s small and it doesn’t offer the privacy between my neighbor’s porch and my deck that the redbud did, but we planted the redbud about ten years ago. Alas, the time for waiting for trees to grow to maturity is more precious these days than when we bought out first house about forty years ago. Remember when you thought you had forever to fiddle… or  wait for trees to grow?

We are packing today and leaving for the ocean tomorrow morning. A little vacation. When we return, I will try to settle into a healthful diet and exercise plan… she said hopefully.

Vacation Menu: Waffles for breakfast, steak or fried seafood for dinner, peach pie for dessert and a few extra carbs whenever I can pack them in.

Back Home Menu: 😦

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