Cheesy but Presidential

by Bella Rum

imageFriday night, I added another president to my dream collection. Joe Biden and I were making a grilled cheese sandwich for President Obama as President Obama and Secretary John Kerry looked on. Joe Biden put a slice of “American” (what else?) cheese on a slice of bread, as I struggled to peel a slice off of a stack of Munster, but my slice was stuck and started to tear into small pieces unfit for a presidential sandwich. Joe got a little exasperated with my efforts and took over for me.  Then we all started to drink alcoholic beverages and the next thing I knew, I woke in bed with Joe. I remembered nothing. What?!?!

I would normally peg this as a basic run-o-the-mill inadequacy dream (can’t fulfill my part of the job, can’t separate the cheese) but for that last part. The VP is amiable enough, but I’ve never thought of him ‘that way’ before. They say to look at how you were feeling in your dream situation, and that will give you insight. I felt inadequate about the cheese incident, but I felt embarrassed when I realized where I was the next morning, and I was very concerned about what I may have done and who may have seen.  Is that shame or fear of being revealed in an embarrassing situation? I don’t know. Maybe it shows a willingness to be second in command. :/

The VP? Yikes!