The Food Lion Incident and The 007 Incident

by Bella Rum

Food Lion Incident

Yesterday, I waited in my car while H ran into Food Lion to get a few things. A very old, white-haired lady with a cane came out of the store. She stood there looking around the parking lot for a few seconds, getting her bearings. A kid drove up, his loud music playing, his canoe on the roof of his car and his fancy sunglasses perched on his head. When he got out of his car, he saw her, too. Like me, he watched for a few seconds to see what was what, and then he walked over to her. She had forgotten where her car was parked. He gently put his arm through hers and they started the search. He stayed with her until they found her car. Now, putting aside whether she should be driving in the first place, it did my heart good to see how gentle he was with her. Everyone is in such a rush. He stopped and took care of what was in front of him.

I sometimes wonder if manners and common curtsey have flown the coop, but there they were, yesterday, in the Food Lion parking lot. I just wish I could send his Mama a note.

007 Incident

We went to a couple of very nice restaurants on vacation. H let me out at the entrance of the Sea Captain’s House in Myrtle Beach one night while he parked the car. I went in and gave the hostess our name. There would be a short wait so I took a seat at one end of a sofa with another lady at the other end. Two more women joined us in the chairs in front of the fireplace. Then H and the first lady’s husband, an attractive guy in his seventies, arrived. He and H went back and forth about who was going to sit between his wife and me, each offering the other the opportunity. Finally H sat down.

The other guy sat on the chair arm of one of the other women. It seemed a little… I don’t know… something, I don’t know. We all chatted. He was witty and smooth. Accustomed to running things, he drove the conversation, letting others speak, but always guiding the direction of the conversation.

The woman on whose chair arm he was sitting was checking her emails on her phone. Out of nowhere, he said, “My daughter went to UNC, too, but she’s older than you.” The woman looked a little startled but smiled and said, “You might be surprised, I’m older than I look.” His wife asked, “How did you know where she went to college?” He gave a slightly oily laugh and said, “I have my ways.” I knew how he knew. I had seen him looking over her shoulder when she was playing with her phone. This is a silly story and I have no way to end it. It was just the creepiest thing. I felt like I was in a movie, and Sean Connery was going to join the conversation at any minute.