Is it still Sunday?

by Bella Rum

img_7190My Light Pink Hydrangea

I thought today was Monday. This morning, I left a comment on a blog, “Hope you had a nice weekend.” This retirement thing is really setting in. I left my job when we moved here, but H sort of kept his hand in, working a few days a week (which helped with time awareness) until last year, or was it year before last. See what I mean. It’s bad enough that I don’t know what day it is. Now, even the years melt into one another like a box of crayons left too close to the stove. Honestly? Since H retired in earnest, I don’t think I should be expected to know what day it is. If I can get the year right occasionally, I think I should be left free to roam the streets. img_7183

It’s been a quiet weekend so far. Listening to some cul-de-sac neighbors set off their fireworks was as close as we got to excitement. It wasn’t exactly like sitting on a blanket overlooking the reflecting pool in DC as fireworks exploded over the Washington Monument.

Instead, we did some freezer diving (I stole that perfectly descriptive term from a fellow blogger but can’t remember who), and found a ziplock bag of Carolina barbecue hiding back there behind the venison steaks. A quick macaroni salad and some coleslaw made an easy-breezy July 4th meal. Last night, we broke bad and ordered Chiles Rellenos. They were incredible. I’ve done nothing but dream about them since Jean from Misadventures of Widowhood wrote about her recent experience at a Mexican restaurant.img_7184

So, back to freezer diving. Of course, it describes perfectly what we do when our freezer is bursting at the seams. There’s last year’s birthday cake hiding behind Aunt Sally’s homemade soup, tucked behind all of those freezer-burned pork chops, but I googled it. Yes, I did. I wanted to see if it was one of those terms that everyone else on the planet already knew. It turns out that freezer diving has another, more literal, definition than digging around for food in your fridge. It was spawned by last year’s heat wave in Japan, and has been described as a Japanese “epidemic.” People started climbing into convenience store freezers to cool down.freezer-diver03 I’m going on the record and predicting that this will not catch on in America. We’re too fat and tall, but mostly FAT. You know it’s true. It’s all that high fructose corn syrup and such. Chiles Rellenos have nothing to do with it. img_7192