Wherein My Uneventful July 4th Weekend Turns Eventful

by Bella Rum

heart-1I’m at home this morning and feeling well.

Last night, we were settling down for a quiet evening when I started experiencing tightness in the chest area, and pressure, and irregular palpitations. I became breathless, and it was a considerable struggle to do anything, even dress myself.

Meanwhile, H was on the phone and engrossed in conversation with my son. When we bought the new car, we gave them the old one. H told them to return the tags to us so we could turn them in to DMV, but they forgot to bring them on their first visit after getting the car registered in MD. In late May, we received a letter from DMV, informing us that we had to show proof of liability insurance on the old car or prove that we no longer owned it. The kids brought the plates on their next visit, and H returned them to DMV. Swish, swish. All done! Right?

Not so fast.

We received another letter from DMV on Saturday. It informed us that our driver’s licenses will be revoked on July 31 if we don’t produce proof that we no longer own the vehicle. They are laboring under the incorrect impression that we still have the tags and the car. The IRS should consider taking intimidation lessons from DMV? I swear. It’s enough to give you heart palpitations. Speaking of which…

When H got off the phone (surely, I was approaching cardiac arrest by now), I told him I needed to go to the hospital. So, off we went to ER. You immediately go to the front of the line if it’s heart related, which I’m cool with. We found out immediately that my heart was no longer in sinus rhythm. They ran tests to make sure that I hadn’t had a heart attack and that there was no damage to my heart. Eventually, the chest pressure subsided and my heart even went back into sinus rhythm. They kept me for about seven hours, and we got back home around 5 am. I’m lying around like a potato today and watching television. (Did I tell you that we were chosen to be a Nielsen Family? We’re loging everything we watch in a Nielsen diary, so be prepared for even more  HGTV and shows like The Good Wife coming your way soon. Cuz I have a vote. The power makes me dizzy.)

Anyway, I’m feeling better, but will do a follow-up with my cardio guy. And here I thought we wouldn’t have any fireworks this fourth.

My DIL sent a copy of their insurance card with the VIN#, their policy number and the effective date of coverage. H is on his way to DMV now. Let’s hope this will be sufficient “proof” to end this massive in-depth probe.  As you may know, my state officials can’t get enough of in-depth probes, vaginal or otherwise.