Fall Down Go Boom!

by Bella Rum

My Mac crashed this morning. The iPhoto refused to launch a few weeks ago, and I’ve been taking it to the Mac Store ever since… in my mind only. I’m not usually such a procrastinator, but I’ve become lax about things lately. I now turn a blind eye to things I never would have allowed to slide before. Well, look at me now. I’ve gone and made a mess.

This is only one more example of how my approach to things has changed. I can’t seem to gather up enough gumption to take care of my business anymore,  not the way I used to, anyway. And I don’t feel all that bad about it, but I am kind of annoyed with myself for not getting myself and my computer down to the Mac Store immediately. I hope they can retrieve my photos. Some have been backed up and some have not.

You know how some people get grumpier as they get older and some get sweeter? I think I’m going to become less reliable but more lovable. 🙂

Everything is black, the entire screen. With only the time floating around the monitor. Time.