Reach for the Funny!

by Bella Rum

We took the iMac to a Mac Genius. He fixed all the bumps and bruises. All but a few of my photos were retrieved, and everything is backed up, and it will continue to be backed up every time anything changes. I will never be without backup again. I feel like a Flying Wollenda who has just been told he’ll be performing with a net from now on. Maybe not. Those guys probably liked flying without a net, but we all know what happened there.

During Our Visit to the ER

There are shared bathrooms between every two examining rooms in the ER. You go in, lock the door to the adjacent room so no one walks in on you, do your business, wash your hands, unlock the door to the adjacent room so your next-door neighbor can now use the facilities at will and return – without incident – to their own room. It’s a simple concept.

So I had to pee. Afraid that I might be lightheaded, H helped me get up, and he opened the bathroom door for me. A female voice began gasping in shock, “No sir! No sir! No sir!”

H had opened the door on a very large woman in the middle of her constitutional. She was horrified, but poor H. After getting an eyeful, he mumbled, “Oh, sorry. So sorry.” and quickly closed the door. It was one of those moments when reality takes a second to settle down on you, but when it does, you quickly make the transition from horror to hysteria. We stood there gulping and gasping and crying with laughter, and trying our best to be quiet because all that separated us was a – not soundproof – door.

We waited until we heard her open and close the door to her room. H opened the door again and she screamed AGAIN, “No sir! No sir! No sir!” H, now almost prostrate with embarrassment, said “I’m so sorry. Really. So sorry.” When he closed the door, we were almost paralyzed with laughter. I could have fainted from trying to keep it in.

I don’t care what happens in life, how horrible it is, there is always something funny, sometimes downright hysterical. Always. Reach for the funny, guys.