Happy Birthday, Cul-de-sac!

by Bella Rum

5th_birthday_cakeI can’t believe it’s been five years and 739 posts since I gave birth to this baby. Where does the time go? Toddlerhood is a thing of the past. We’re headed off to kindergarten in the fall.

My first post was entitled Transition. I could write a post today with the same title. Aren’t we always in transition? After living with Dad for three years, July 16, 2009 found us preparing to move back to the cul-de-sac. We had already talked with my brother and found a live-in caregiver. H was still working part-time, but he packed up the car and made periodic weekend trips back to our house. On the day we moved into Dad’s, I had my clothes, toiletries and computer. I remember the first thing H did was set up the computer because he knew it would make me more comfortable, that my sanity depended on writing everyday.

Over the years, we had slowly moved more clothing and other little things that made life more comfortable to Dad’s. During those years, I learned how well we humans can get along with few extras, but we still had more to move back home than I realized.

The good thing about having a blog or diary is the record it keeps for us. We tend to paint the past with the available colors we have in our toolbox at the time. Sometimes we rosy it up, and other times we make it darker than it really was. The thing that most surprises me is how inaccurate my memory is about when things happened. I can’t ever get it right. I usually think less time has passed than actually has. I think something I did five years ago happened two years ago. That much time simply could not have passed. Stop! Stop! My life is flowing through the hourglass at warp speed.

I’m glad I have a blog, glad I recorded a few things. I’ve been a fool a couple of times and made mistakes galore (wish I’d listened when Mrs. Gay tried to tell me about those silly commas and such). I’ve second guessed myself about how much to tell and how I must sound to others, but in the end, I think we blog because we want to connect, and don’t we do that well? The bonus is the support you get from readers and the things you learn from reading their blogs. I’ve learned so much from you guys.

And to all you lurkers, I see you and I’m glad you’re here.