Trifling Matters

by Bella Rum

I woke at 3:00am. What can I say? Sleep has been erratic this week. I’ve had a few little things niggling the corners of my mind, and I guess it affected my sleep. I’ve slept well for months, but it’s been hit and miss this week.

So I paid some bills. Why not? Nothing like shelling out money in the middle of the night to ready the mind for sleep.

I’ve had problems commenting on your blogs. I don’t have a clue about why. I even had problems replying to your comments here. I’ve read everything you wrote, though.

We’ve been hold up, watching movies. We watched The Butler yesterday and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I enjoyed The Butler but not so much The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I read the book, and I don’t think I would have “gotten” the movie without being privy to a lot of detail in the book that was left out of the movie. And it was dark. I mean literally dark. I can’t see overcast and dark films. I know the director thinks it’s artsy, but it’s just dark. I also had difficulty hearing it. There was too much background noise, and the actors spoke softly, whispered or mumbled, and then there were the accents. I sound so old and grumpy, don’t I. Well, I am. Just give me a well-lit movie with loud-talking people. Is that too much to ask?

See, this is the stuff I resort to writing about in the middle of the night. At least I’m not writing about Ice Age caves in Missouri, Sasquatch, UFOs and leprechauns again. That was really an all time low, and yet I liked that post.

It’s after 5:30 now. I’m off to bed with my bad self. H is still sleeping like a baby, a baby with a swollen face and two black eyes. Yep. He has two black eyes, and when he smiles, he looks a little daft.

The dentist said the strangest thing. He told me that H was a very polite drunk, meaning that he was polite when drugged out of his mind. H said that the dentist said the same thing after his last implant. When I had the cardioversion, my doctor said that I announced to everyone that I was a Southern girl. I wonder why I felt the need to say that?