Organic Carrots

by Bella Rum


Do you buy organic? I don’t always, but I was looking for carrots last week and found these Bolthouse Farms organic carrots. I had a craving for some roasted ones; you know how they’re sweeter when roasted because the flavors concentrate. I usually eat a raw one while I’m peeling and preparing the rest of them. When I bit into it, I couldn’t believe how sweet it was. They tasted just like carrots tasted when I was a kid. I bought more today. This time I’m going to roast them with thyme-roasted chicken with potatoes. I got the recipe over at Sidewalk Shoes. I really enjoy that blog. The recipe doesn’t call for carrots, but as they used to say in the Army, “If ya got em’, smoke em’.”

We spend too much money on food. Do you? I can’t believe how expensive it is. People need a little piece of land so they can plant stuff. My mother used to can. She made the best spaghetti. Of course, I can never duplicate it because she grew and canned her own tomatoes. My goodness, it was delicious.

I really don’t have much to say today. I just wanted to give you the tip about the carrots. If you see them in your store, I hope they are as good as mine.

Even though it sounds like it, this is not a paid advertisement.