Good Grief

by Bella Rum

IMG_7540The Dream

I think I was flying through the air when I woke around 4:30, or maybe I was on the floor, or maybe it was when my head hit that table up there. I was dreaming. I was with an old friend, Howard, the husband of a close friend. Howard and Flora lived across the street from us and two houses down when we lived in Maryland.

There was a little boy. I don’t know if it was my son, my grandson or another child. Something was wrong with the boy. He was fretting and didn’t want to go to bed. Howard and I finally got him to bed, but I didn’t feel right about it. I soon heard the boy screaming in terror. There was an eerie glow emanating from his room, and the sound of what I somehow knew were mischievous, little creatures. The uneasy sound of their pernicious giggling and furtive scurrying about did not feel right. I knew they were of the male gender, but not men or boys. Something else. I knew intuitively that they had come for the little boy’s soul. I began running toward the door to the child’s room. When I got to the door, I launched myself into the room, screaming for them to get away from the little boy, and that’s when I woke, flying through the air, slamming my head into my bedside table. I felt something wet and thought I had spilled my water, but it was my elbow. It was bleeding.

H jumped out of bed. I was still screaming and disoriented. He got me up and off the floor. I still didn’t know which way was up. I had knocked the table about two or three feet from its original position. It’s a big, old drum table – solid wood and heavy. My head had moved it, my head along with the full weight of my body behind it.

What a night, and no, I’ve never read either of those books on the table. I don’t know where the bottom one came from, and the top one is one that my sister recommended, but she and I had completely different tastes in books. I kept telling myself that I’d read it one day for her, but I never did. So, there it sits. I can’t believe I didn’t knock the lamp over.

Stye Guy

You say sty; I say stye.

H has a stye. When I look at him, all I can see is a giant stye. H is nothing more than an appendage of the STYE! Do you remember when I got pinkeye from the Grand Trio? More accurately, H contracted pinkeye from the grands, and passed it along to me.  I hold him responsible for the entire fiasco. Huge, puss-colored tears ran from his eyes. His doctor said it was the worst case of pinkeye he’d ever seen. Horrible! Now he has a stye.

I looked it up last night. Though rare, it can be contagious. Exactly how long did you think it would take to make this about me?

If they are rarely contracted from another person, how do you get a stye? A stye is caused by staphlococcal bacteria that is found in the nose. Basically, H wiped snot into his eye. Yup. I don’t know this for a fact, but hey, Mr. Google does not lie. So, he must have touched his eye after blowing his nose.

I found that a hot compress on the eye for fifteen minutes applied three or four times a day can help encourage the sty to rupture and drain faster. H started that last night before he went to bed and did it again this morning. He also put “Stye” ointment in the offending eye, and it’s much better this morning.

Here are a few things to know about eye styes. You knew it was coming.

1. The first signs are pain, redness, swelling and tenderness.

2. Styes typically don’t cause vision problems.

3. A stye is caused by staphlococcal bacteria.
This bacterium is found in the nose and is transferred easily to the eye when you rub your nose, then your eye. (The way I read this … H has poor hygiene. He needs to wash his hands more often. Just sayin’. I’m only putting it out there. A teeny, tiny, little suggestion.)

4. Styes are contagious, but…
Pretty much everyone has this stye-causing bacteria in their body. We all, at any age, have the potential to develop a stye without outside contamination.

5. Most styes heal on their own within a few days.
You can encourage this process by applying hot compresses for 10 to 15 minutes, three or four times a day, over the course of several days.

6. Never “pop” a stye.
You shouldn’t pop a style like you would a pimple. Allow the stye to rupture on its own.

Source: All About Vision

Are your eyes itching yet?

Added later ~

A conversation after H read this post.

Bella ~ How’d you like it.

H ~ Like it?

Bella ~ Yeah.

H ~ You’re a sweet heroine battling Satan to save a little boy’s soul, and I’m an oozing pore with lousy hygiene.

Bella ~ Pretty much.