by Bella Rum

grilling-cartoonThe kids are coming for the weekend. I decided to have an honest-to-goodness Labor Day Weekend cookout – burgers and dogs, apple pie for dessert and cupcakes. Cupcakes with pink frosting, mind you. H just went down to make the coffee, and we’re going to drink it on the deck. Then the cooking begins. I like to make as many things as possible before they arrive. There’s less to do after they get here and more time to spend with them.

I guess it really is the end of summer. Can you believe it? We had the most beautiful weather this year, and I can say that we did not let most of those summer days go by without enjoying them. I spent more time outside, in my yard and taking day trips than I can remember.


Oops. The coffee is ready and so am I.

What are you doing this weekend? I hope you have a lovely Labor Day 2014!