The Chicken & Rice Solution

by Bella Rum

The kids will be here in time for lunch. I’m making chicken & rice soup this morning. I know it’s a fall/winter thing, but it’s my son’s favorite childhood food, and for some reason I haven’t made it for him for a long time. The last time he was here, he said, “I haven’t had chicken & rice soup for a long time.” I said, “I know. Only a few days ago I was thinking that it’s been ages since I made it for you, and how as soon as the weather cools down I should make it.” He said, “Really?” I said, “Sure.  Then, he said the strangest thing, “Good. I thought maybe it was a passive aggressive thing… that you didn’t want to make it for me.”


Is that the funniest? I had no clue. Do we ever know what’s going on in someone else’s head? You can think you do, but you do not. I felt bad, and then I wondered why I hadn’t made if for so long. Mothers are so ridiculous, but there you have it.

H and I managed to get into a considerable kerfuffle over nothing yesterday.  We seldom argue, but one of us was tired (me) and the other was edgy for some reason. We both took a nap, and marital bliss reigned in the cul-de-sac once again. We’re like toddlers. Naps do a huge service for our dispositions.

I seldom mention it here, but the news is horrifying. It’s too much to absorb, too much to make sense of. I cannot watch, and I cannot not watch. It’s like eating something bitter. I try a little, and then I back off. Then, I hold my nose and dive in again. I can’t decide if our world will be a fit place for my grands or if perspective is impossible to come by with access to so much information. If you were locked in a hospital for the mentally ill for a year, your perspective would be askew. That’s how I feel about watching too much news. It’s so grim, we should all play with puppies a couple of times a day to cleanse our mental palates. A little chicken & rice soup would be good for our world and a mama who would cook it for us and then make us take a nap. Oh, if it were only that simple.