Labor Day Weekend

by Bella Rum


The Cul-de-sac Gang

They were the terrors of the cul-de-sac all of Labor Day weekend. Even the little one got in on the act. You can see it all in this pic, how the babies of the family learn to operate later in life. Our charm gets us through. We can always find someone who will help us along the way and be happy to do it.

I was a limp dishrag yesterday. The kids left on Monday, and I started this post on Monday afternoon, but I haven’t had the energy to finish it. I’m a non-operational jelly fish for at least twenty-four hours after they leave. Ten minutes after they left, I barely had energy enough to pull the covers over myself before I passed out. Their spirit and energy are stunning. They fill the house with it; when they leave, it almost implodes.

They had the best time. They spent Saturday afternoon riding their bikes in the cul-de-sac. Sunday, we tripped it up to Five Below for a little blatant, thirst-quenching consumerism. I know, but they think Five Below is the finest establishment in the history of the world. Then they went to the pool for a few hours, rode their bikes, and after supper H turned the sprinkler on. They ran through it until I was exhausted just watching them. It was so much fun. When my son asked my oldest grand what she liked most about her day, she struggled. She couldn’t choose.

Sunday morning, while everyone was still asleep, H went down to make coffee for the two of us. He came back upstairs and told me to come down before I got in the shower. Our big, fat, dinosaur of a television was sitting on the floor, and a much bigger flat screen was in its place. My son and DIL had done it after we went to bed. I don’t know how they got that old monster down without causing hernias. They said they knew we would never replace the other one until it broke. They were right. This one is fantastic, and I can see it so much better. I can’t believe those two.

Me ~ I can’t believe you guys did this.

Son ~ See what happens when you make chicken and rice soup for me?

Our weekend was splendid.