Getting Serious: Maybe, Maybe Not

by Bella Rum

pretty ladyYesterday, I started thinking about walking/nature trails and wondered exactly what we had available around here. I knew about a few of the larger parks around town, but I wanted something really close. I searched for one that we used to walk on back in the seventies. It was gone, but when I did a Google search, I found three that were really close to my house, and I didn’t even know about them. If I had kids, I’m sure I would have been aware of these places.

It was a rainy day – one of those slow and regular rains that just keep coming. We decided to take a drive and look around, probably not the best day for it but we were on a mission. We found one county park that offered volleyball, baseball,  swings, jungle gyms, etc. type things for the kids and nature trails for H and me. The grands would love it.

I need to start walking again. I need to lose weight. I’ve reached the desperation stage. I watched a woman walk across the parking lot at Food Lion the other day. Do you ever do that? Check out someone and think to yourself, “That could be me if I’d only put in the effort?” She was about ten years older than me, and she looked fabulous, dahling. I thought to myself, way to go girl. Then I thought, I bet you don’t eat cheesecake or meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy.

Thanks to a comment on this blog (You know who you are, Shore.) I couldn’t stop thinking about meatloaf until I finally made one. It was so good. You know how you think about something you want to eat, and when you finally get it, sometimes it isn’t as good as you thought it would be. Well, this meatloaf was absolutely as good as I thought. I wish I could give you the recipe, but my meatloaf recipe is the little-bit-of-this-little-bit-of-that kind of recipe. The mashed potatoes were great, too. I used Yukon gold potatoes. So good.

I’m giving up wine in the evening. Oh, good grief! Honestly, I’m annoyed with having to give up anything anymore. I really am, but that’s life, I guess. I never drank alcohol until I was in my thirties, and it was maybe once a year on New Year’s or something. I’d say that around fifty, I started enjoying a glass (or two) in the evening, but I think I need to give it up. It slows the metabolism and it really is disposable calories, unlike meatloaf. Okay, I should watch the meatloaf, too.

I need to get serious. I’m so good at losing weight when I get serious (So are you, right?), but I have to be in the right frame of mind (So do you, right?). I have two doctors’ appointments coming up in the next two months, actually three, but only two of them are the get-your-butt-up-on-that-scale types. The other one is the poke-in-the-eye doctor. I swear, I’d rather get a poke in the eye than get on the scale. I also have vacation coming up and out-of-town company coming later this month. You see the problem here.

So, we do the best we can. That’s my attitude until I get serious. Serious better arrive soon, or I won’t be able to fit into anything in my closet. I’m already reduced to items that possess phenomenal stretching abilities. You know what I’m sayin’? I know you do. Unless you’re a man whose metabolism roars while you’re stretched out on the sofa, watching the game, eating roasted almonds and sipping a beer. That’s just wrong on so many levels.