It’s Punch and Judy Time

by Bella Rum

puppet-theatreI woke around 2:30 to a loud bang. I may have just thought I heard a bang. I probably dreamed it. H got up and checked things out. I don’t know why he does that. It always ends badly in the movies. I prefer the stay-in-bed-pull-the-covers-over-your-head-and-pretend-nobody-can-see-you approach.

I checked my Cul-de-sac Chronicles’ email, and there was an email from me. It was sent from an old email address I had when I was at Dad’s. I should have deleted the account long ago. I opened it and …. I hate to admit what I did, but I did it. I clicked on the link. Can you believe I did that? I did it before I realized what I was doing. It was one of those awful sites that wouldn’t let me leave. I had to shut down the computer. Who knows what it did to me. I feel dirty.

I didn’t see the president’s speech last night. I tried, but I fell asleep. We could have invaded Sweden for all I know. I only heard a few words after I saw him walk out to a lectern that was flanked with flags. There was an extremely tall window with long, blue curtains behind him. Did anyone else think it looked like a puppet stage? I expected to see Punch and Judy jump up. It was the strangest thought, but that’s what I thought as I drifted off to sleep. obama-speech

And can’t they get the president a room that doesn’t sound like he’s standing in the Grand Canyon? Did you hear that echo? I have a lot of opinions for someone who couldn’t stay awake long enough to hear his third sentence, but you come here for color, not substance, right? I hope it went well for him and for us, but I’m sure the commentary afterwards was wild. You couldn’t pay me enough to do that job. I’ll catch the highlights this morning.