laundry, nesting, errands

by Bella Rum

washing clothesYesterday, H played golf with my brother-in-law. I found myself in one of those nesting/cleaning moods. Our friends, who lived across the street from us in Maryland, are coming for an overnighter next week. I haven’t changed the sheets in the guest room since my son and DIL were last here. She always makes the bed, and I leave it until the mood strikes. The mood struck yesterday morning. While I was at it, I decided I may as well do the kids’ room, too.

Before he left for the course, H came upstairs and found me awash in sheets and blankets and pillow cases and bedspreads. The washer and dryer ran all morning and into the afternoon. I still have one load left to do this morning. I pulled out the window cleaner and dust cloth, too. I straightened the kid’s room and put things back in the bookcase and in drawers. I found a couple of spots from a magic marker on their bedspread, so I tried to “shout-it-out.” It improved but still there – two little dots, not so bad.

I bought new pillows for the guest room a few months ago. Martha says you should spend a night in your guest room to see what’s lacking. I didn’t have to do that. I knew that new pillows were in order. I hate staying in someone’s guest room that has lousy pillows. So plump up those pillows, ladies.

I sleep with a hugging pillow. I call it my boyfriend. I started doing it years ago, when we still lived in Maryland. I had a little shoulder pain, and it helped to keep the arm slightly elevated. I got used to it and never gave up the habit. Now I don’t  think I could sleep without it. Crutches. We all need ’em.

We’re off to do errands today. I never get over how many things we still have to do. There’s always something. We often look at each other and ask, “How did we get anything done when we worked?” I think this happens to a lot of retirees. The difference is that now there’s no stress to go along with all of those things we have to do to keep body and soul together. Instead of something you have to rush through, check off your list – on a weekend or on your lunch hour – you now have time to do it all without going into cardiac arrest because you’re stuck in traffic, and you know Joey’s nursery school teacher is going to give you ‘that look’ if you’re late again. The process is relaxed now, instead of something that has to be squeezed between all the other obligations, appointments, and usual requirements for living. If you don’t get it done today, there’s always tomorrow. My very favorite thing about retirement is the reduction in stress. It’s very sweet. Like cherry-on-top sweet.