The Meeting II

by Bella Rum

marr5I’m in the middle of about a thousand things. I cannot tell you in a million years how I’ve allowed my house to tumble into messiness and downright yuck-itude. It isn’t really cluttered (unless you count that loaf of bread, bag of kaiser rolls, and box of crackers stacked in the middle of the dining room table) because we’ve been on that purge-binge (is that an oxymoron) for about a year and a half now, but oh Lordy, the dust in hidden places where I seldom direct my gaze is shocking.

Once you start cleaning… well, you can hardly stop. One must finish what one has started. It’s like painting, you finish one room, it looks great, and all the rest start calling out, “Paint me, too, please.” I must admit, it does feel good to get it spic-and-spann-ish. How did I ever do this on a regular basis? And why?

The Meeting

My friend Patsy attended another HOA board meeting. Remember when I wrote about how board member Carolyn attempted to get HOA president Marian off the board? One of her methods involved a spacey neighbor, Mr. Satellite, who actually took a photo of Marian’s replacement tree – an ornamental cherry – in front of her condo. When her original tree died, she chose the cherry as a replacement instead of the favored crepe myrtle. This caused all kinds of consternation among the crepe myrtle lovers.

Patsy said that last week’s meeting was even worse than the first one. How that is possible, I do not know. She said that people actually “cried and shouted.” Prior to the meeting, Carolyn had called the property manager Nicole’s boss and her boss’s boss to complain about Nicole and Marian. Nicole urged Carolyn to call her any time, day or night, on her cell or home phone or send a text. No reply.

Then Carolyn accused Nicole of being unethical. Two seconds after she said it, Nicole asked her to please tell her how she was unethical. Carolyn simply said, “I didn’t say you were unethical.” Nicole, puzzled, said, “Yes, you did. You just said it.” “Nope, nope, I didn’t.”

Carolyn brought up the subject of the tree again. Marian got pretty steamed and her voice rose. Carolyn whipped the infamous photo out and asked, “Want to see the picture?” To which Marian replied, “No, I don’t want to see the picture. I have the real tree.”

This went on and on until everyone had yelled, cried or withdrawn into their shells. Marian is up for re-election in November. Patsy said that all the way home, Marian kept muttering, “Never again, never again, never again.” She swears that she will not run again. Poor Patsy. This is not her thing. She is the calmest and most non-yelling-type person I’ve ever known. She said she would finish her term, but then repeated Marian’s mantra, “Never again.”

The crepe myrtles win!

But the ornamental cherry remains.