Two Favorites: Friends and Fall

by Bella Rum

IMG_7523The hummingbird feeder will come down soon, and these little guys will move south.

Our friends will be here tomorrow and leave on Friday. I’m so excited to see them, but it will  be time for them to leave before we barely say hello. They’re on their way to a wedding in Pennsylvania, and we’re a stopover. These are our friends who lived across the street from us in MD. Pat and I are an unlikely pair, but we’ve been great friends over the years.

When you first meet someone, you don’t know that she will become a lifelong friend, a confidant. You’re polite, say hello and talk about the weather, the neighborhood, the price of tomatoes. As time passes, you learn that you can trust her, and the next thing you know you’ve given her the keys to your kingdom because you know she won’t lose them, share them, or give them away.

I barely have to cook anything because their visit will be so brief. They will arrive after lunch tomorrow and leave before lunch on Friday. I only have to make breakfast for them on Friday because we’re eating out (sushi) tomorrow night (look at me, making things easy on myself – new development). I’ll make a sock-it-to-me cake in a little while, but I’m not sure why. It feels too odd not to cook something.  I bought a couple of cheeses (he likes), a bunch of grapes, a bottle of wine and a can of nuts (she likes).

I’ve never had company I didn’t have to cook for, but I’ll make a big breakfast. I think I’ll make some mashed potatoes today so I can make potato cakes with bacon and eggs for their breakfast. There are a number of ways to make potato cakes, but my mother always used leftover mashed potatoes, added some chopped onion, an egg and fried them in a cast iron pan, but any pan will do – simple but delicious.

I decorated for fall this week. The summer wreath with hydrangeas came down, and the one with autumn leaves and small gourds went up. I bought some indian corn for the garage door, H dug out the ceramic pumpkin that usually sits on the kitchen island. I bought some small, orange pumpkins, a huge, yellow chrysanthemum, and I dressed “the dog” in his/her autumnal finery. I haven’t hung the zombies from the chandelier yet (boo!), but I will do it before the kids arrive next weekend. H got a huge bale of straw to make the straw man with the Grand Trio. If he uses all of it, he will be a very fat straw man. This time of year is so much fun.

Dog photos coming soon! (my version of a tease)