Nothing Extraordinary

by Bella Rum

No, I really mean it. This is going to be one of those see-what-I-can-pull-out-of-my-hat kind of posts.

H reseeded the yard at the beginning of September, and his grass looks ridiculously green and lush. I think he’s finally found the secret to keeping this yard looking beautiful.

I’m still basking in the glow of our two-day visit with our friends. It was rejuvenating. I’ve become so comfortable with solitude that I’d forgotten how stimulating it is to spend a couple of days with someone who is creative and filled with ideas and mental energy.

When they retire, people often decide to move: back home, to a warmer climate, closer to family, to a lower cost of living, lower taxes, etc. We make that decision because it’s better for us in a number of ways, but every time we reach out for something that’s better for us, something new and good, we have to let go of something old and good. You can tell I’m missing my friend today, but isn’t life always about the balance, the compromise, acceptance? I’m not wishing I hadn’t moved here. I love it. I just wish my friend had bought the house across the street. You know?IMG_7770

Beverage Sippers for The Grand Trio

The Grand Trio is coming this weekend. You know I’m ready for that. Fall decorations: zombies and pumpkins and spiders. When my friends mentioned the available lot next door to them, I told them we would never move further away from the grands. They said they knew, but it was worth a try.

We hope to make the straw man this weekend. The bale of straw is in the garage. H unearthed the straw hat, bib overalls and plaid shirt. He even bought a fresh yard of burlap for the head. The old piece was getting pretty ratty. All set.

Off to have coffee with H and a little Morning Joe. That show is driving me crazy, and I still keep watching. I just want him to talk 30% less and allow me to hear his guests. It’s usually a good mix and time to hear their points, BUT he loves to hear himself talk. It’s a good format, but please, let me hear what someone else is thinking.