And Let the Fun Begin!

by Bella Rum

IMG_7648The Grand Trio will be here in about thirty minutes. H and I will transform from a couple of quiet, under-stimulated adults to circus clowns, making sure everyone has fun but no one loses an eye. Actually, their parents do an incredible job of keeping things from tipping into chaos. I marvel at them rushing right up to the cliff and pulling everything back a notch when someone needs a nap or time out or snack. There’s a lot of diversion involved. It’s a magic show, for sure. They were meant to have these kids, while H and I were meant to be their grandparents (code for slackers who love a lot and do a little). Know what I mean? Watch, enjoy and provide encouragement. That’s our job description. Not bad if you can get it.

They’re excited because the Lego convention is in town and they have tickets. I guess this is a big deal because it’s sold out. There will be competitions to see, and that’s about all I know, except that they are fired up about it, especially my grandson. He’s all about Legos.

I’m expecting a grand weekend. Hope you have the same.