Sex Change Operation in the Cul-de-sac

by Bella Rum

IMG_7894_2It was a beautiful weekend. It was in the upper seventies on Saturday but dropped to the forties on Saturday night. Yesterday was our first bonafide fall day. The air was crisp with a little bite, and the humidity was low. It warmed a little as the day progressed, but I still needed a sweater. Beautiful!

The Grand Trio enjoyed the Lego convention, and they all came home with Lego toys of their own.  I’m always impressed with Legos. They have something for everyone – younger and older children. The older ones worked with directions/diagrams that helped them figure out how to assemble their toy on their own or with a little help from a friendly adult. The process advances so many skills. They are absorbed and focused while working on them, and they are proud of themselves when they finish. They make great gifts for kids… and some adults.

We made the Straw Man on Saturday… at least that’s what we’ve always called him, but there was a sex change around here. We always make the head out of a piece of burlap. We’ve used the same burlap for years, but it was a little worse for wear this year so H bought a new piece. When “The Man” needed a new face on his new head, my oldest granddaughter was elected to do the deed because she’s the budding artist in the family. As her vision developed, I realized our man was going to be a girl this year. Ha!

IMG_7881 IMG_7884 IMG_7888

H got lots of help. That’s my grandson (in black). You can’t see his face for the hair, but it’s really adorable. 🙂IMG_7818 
When it came time to add the hat, the little one suddenly wanted in on the act.IMG_7889

So, we now have a straw woman and I kind of like it. Her name is Mila (Me-la).

Today is laundry/packing day. We leave for vacation tomorrow. The temps are supposed to be in the low eighties. Perfect for me. When we return, I plan to begin a healthy diet and exercise program. That’s the plan. Who doesn’t love a plan?

In the mean time… seafood, prime rib and carbs, but I will walk everyday. Promise.