Earaches and Drunks and Ebola! Oh my!

by Bella Rum

We’re home from vacation. We had the best time. No more sitting in balmy breezes, reading a book and watching the tide “roll in and watching it roll away again, wasting tiiime.” And what a way to waste time. We had the most beautiful weather. On the way home, as we approached the Virginia line, the temperature suddenly dropped twenty degrees in about twenty minutes, and big drops of rain splashed the windshield. Welcome home.

I woke yesterday with an earache and junky lungs. I think it’s the sudden change in weather and a little beachsickness. Who doesn’t have a little longing for the beach after vacation?

So, I slept like a baby while we were there. Days spent on the beach, deliciously satisfying meals and only CNN to watch on television are conducive to sleep… but not so great for dreaming. I dreamed that we were in some place – I don’t know where – and we had to get to another place – I don’t know where. Our only mode of transportation was a rickety, old bus that had been recently inhabited by Ebola patients AND we had to go through an Ebola hot zone to get to our destination. Thank you CNN. The only thing that could have made it more frightening would have been if we’d had to fight ISIS to get through.

The last night we were there, I woke to the sound of a woman’s voice. She was yelling to someone – a security guard, I think. She was screaming, “I can’t stay here? I have to move along?” Then things went quiet, and I began to drift back to sleep when I heard her again. This time she was yelling to a friend or a wanna-be-friend… if you know what I mean. She wouldn’t shut up, and the security guard had obviously moved to the other side of the hotel or somewhere.

H snoozed away. Nothing bothers his sleep, not even scantily clad, young women. Finally, I went out on the balcony to see what I could see, because it was my business now. I looked down, expecting to see her in the pool area, but no. I looked to my left, and a pretty, young, blond woman, wearing nothing but a filmy cover-up sort of number, was hanging precariously over the railing of her balcony on the seventh floor – one floor down and one balcony over from ours – drunk. Oh, so drunk. I expected to see her lying down there soon if she did not go inside and pass out.

IMG_7933I yelled to her that people were trying to sleep. She kept yelling for a few seconds more, but quickly ended her alcohol-fueled conversation and went inside.

When I went back in our room, H’s voice emerged from the darkness, “One day, I’m going to have to bail you out of jail. Why are you yelling at a drunk woman?” I said, “Oh, she woke you?” “No, you woke me!”

What can I say? The woman needed yelling at. At least she wasn’t a relative. It’s always nice when they aren’t related.

Today is for  unpacking, doing laundry and thinking up some healthy meals.

Do you think my earache could be caused by that sudden temperature/barometric pressure change? I remember getting an earache like this once when we went to the mountains. The doctor told me that a little water got trapped in the ear when we came down from the mountain, and that’s what caused the pain.

I found this:

 Your ears may “pop” or have a painful sensation as you ascend to higher elevations that have less pressure or when the atmospheric pressure decreases because of weather changes. Your pain is caused by the unequal forces between your outer and inner ear regions, according to Universe Today. In essence, the pressure outside your ears goes down before your ears are able to acclimatize, causing a pressure imbalance. The pressure inside your ears becomes too high in relation to the pressure outside. Source: LiveStrong