The Littlest Witch

by Bella Rum

IMG_7998Those are my three little witches from Dollar Tree. My Baby Grand saw them as soon as she walked in the house, gave them a toothy grin, grabbed one and, without ceremony, pulled its head off. Her mother immediately figured out a way to reattach it. And that’s why Dollar Tree gets more of my money than it has a right to. When Nona hears utt-oh, she takes it in stride.

the-littlest-witchDoes anyone remember The Littlest Witch by Jeanne Massey? I loved that book. A teacher read it to us at Halloween when I was in grade school. I was enchanted and have thought about buying it for awhile. It’s out of print. I found one on eBay for $40.00 and one for $50.00. I don’t think I want to hand that over to someone who rips the heads off witches, no matter how cute she is.IMG_7835

We put a few things to bed in the yard. H pulled down the Sweet Autumn Clematis. I should have taken photos when it was in bloom. It was really something.IMG_7967 ~IMG_7973 ~IMG_7977 ~IMG_7983

Do you think it’s time to clean the bird bath? I’m familiar with the school of thought that says do not clean it. The birds like all those little microorganisms that we think are gross, but there is a limit… don’t you think?

The kids are coming tomorrow and will be here for Halloween. I’m not sure what costumes they’ve chosen. Our neighborhood is the perfect Halloween neighborhood. Lots of kids and parents out there and lots of the good candy. Cavities will abound. Maybe cavities are the real hobgoblins this time of year.