The Morning after Trick-or-Treating

by Bella Rum


Anna of Frozen, Bat Girl is the one with the missing teeth, and Pirate/Johnny Depp

Actually, I’m not sure about the little one’s costume. She had two: one she wore before trick-or-treating and one during trick-or-treating, well,  just because that’s what princesses or princesses-in-the-making do. One was Anna and the other was Cinderella. I don’t know the difference. So.

Completely worn, H and I shuffled off to bed around 9:00 last night. We lay there, pooped and happy, talking about how cute the grands were, how much fun they had, how much fun we had. Those kids know how to slurp up every single drop of fun from a holiday, especially a holiday held in honor of sugar. I know it’s supposed to be about witches and ghouls, but you do know that’s all a ruse, don’t you? That’s the “trick” in “trick-or-treat.” It’s ALL about SUGAR! How much you can get and how much you can eat before your mother takes your bag away from you.

It’s 6:20 am, and everyone is asleep, no, crashed, no, comatose. After their mom got them in the tub last night: hair washed, all pajama-ed up and smelling delicious, they came down for hugs and kisses and finally shuffled off to bed, a cloud of sugar trailing behind them. About a half hour later, I checked on them; they were still trying to wind down, talking about their big time and drawing pictures. I let them be.

It’s interesting for me to watch the baby. She’s really not a baby anymore, with a third birthday only a couple of months away, she will soon be a “big girl.” I was the youngest in my family, and I relate to her determination to do everything the bigger kids do, to get everything the bigger kids get. She gets right in there and does it all. Of course, sometimes Papa carries her when she gets too tired to keep up. It’s easy for the babies of the family to get a little help when they need it; they’re usually so charming… and they are the baby, after all.

So it was a big time in the cul-de-sac last night. They were all very impressed with the class of candy they received. I told them that they know how to do “it” in this kind of neighborhood. It’s a great community for trick-or-treating, Easter egg hunting or Christmas decorating. It’s all about kids. You can’t toss a rock without hitting a play ground, swimming pool, skateboarding area, basketball court, etc. Just try to get people fired up about a walking path through the woods that adults might enjoy. Nope, this is not an adult-activities sort of place. It’s for kids, and that was a very good thing last night. All were sweetly content as they passed from hyperactivity into sugar-laden comas.