Voting in the Cul-de-sac Today

by Bella Rum

vote_500x279It’s election day. Are you voting – wherever you are? For the past few weeks, I’ve checked caller ID before answering the phone. We’ve gotten so many political calls. Our district is filling Eric Cantor’s empty seat today. We will be casting two votes today — one to fill the remaining two months of Cantor’s term and one to fill the two-year term beginning in January. Election officials in Virginia are worried that having two sets of names on the ballot will confuse voters. Nobody wants another hanging chad moment. They seem to be particularly concerned about absentee voters overseas who may think it’s a misprint.

I’ll wake H in a little while and we’ll vote early. We’re early birds usually. It’s probably a futile move. A lot of people vote before they go to work. In the last presidential election we participated in early voting and were glad we did. We were at Dad’s on election day, and we were exhausted when we came home. The last thing I wanted to do was stand in line to vote or to get an ice cream cone or even for free peanuts. All I wanted was a bed.

I was a potato yesterday. After a little grocery shopping, H and I crashed on the sofa and watched a movie – Arbitrage, starring Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon. I think he’s allowing himself to age naturally. Sarandon, I’m guessing, not so much. It’s harder for women. I’m glad my livelihood does not depend on my next face job, although I just looked it up, and she says, “I’ve had some lipo under my chin and under my eyes. I’m not saying I would never. I have these two huge frown lines here. . .” How old is she anyway? Um… let me look – 68. Um… net worth? Fifty Million! There you go. A little news you can’t use this morning. I wouldn’t mind having her body. You can see the results of a lifetime of working out.

Have a good one, you guys, and don’t forget to vote.


We got there at 6:25 and back home by 6:45. Didn’t have to wait even a minute. All done. Your turn!