Is It Working Yet

by Bella Rum


my backyard about a week ago

I’m sitting here at the desk upstairs in the office, and looking out of the window as gold and red leaves fall. It is so beautiful. I can see my neighbor’s Nandina/heavenly bamboo/sacred bamboo from here. It’s loaded with pendulous, grape-like bunches of red berries. Nature is the most incredible thing. I always feel better when I pay attention and take it in. It’s easy to get caught up in minutia and miss the daily changes that are most apparent this time of year and in the spring.

The refrigerator repair man is downstairs as I write this. Yes, more problems with the fridge. It’s an occupation for us – entertaining the refrigerator repair man. It isn’t Kevin. Woe is me. Kevin got the promotion, as well he should. The new guy is nice but not as cute or personable. I know he can’t help that I’m a shallow, lascivious, old woman.

The DVR was in a snit last night: wouldn’t delete, kept going black, wouldn’t respond to commands, a nasty wench in general. H is on the phone with Comcast now. First World problems, I know, but still a pain in the behind.

I started my you-no-what shopping yesterday. I like to finish or ‘all but finish’ by Thanksgiving. Usually ‘all but finish’ is the best I can do. I always have small things left to do or buy, but most of the shopping is finished by Turkey Day. I cannot stand looking for that certain something after Thanksgiving.

So I got the show on the road yesterday. I found a few little things for my DIL’s stocking at Crate & Barrel: charming and colorful chopsticks, the cutest little fish-shaped chopstick holders, small bowls for the wasabi and soy sauce, and cookie cutters. We all love sushi hence the chopsticks/holders/bowls. See the theme I have going there?

H just came up and said that he got a recording when he called Comcast. They’re aware of a ‘problem’ in our area (so I guess they don’t need our help). Everyone must be experiencing the same problem. They did not say when they expect things to get back to normal, but they did say that the wait time to talk to a live person is about 45 minutes. In other words, “Take our word for it. We’re doing the best we can.” If this is my worst problem today, life is good. The washer and dryer are still working. I shouldn’t have written that, should I?

Bella Rum: still operating on all cylinders