by Bella Rum

Falling credit cardsScumbucket – A person with the moral fiber of a gnat, and all the class of a sweaty armpit. Source: Urban Dictionary

So we get a lot of junk calls. You know, junk mail’s first cousin – the equivalent of the mail you toss in the trash. It’s gotten to the point that we don’t answer the phone when we don’t recognize the number. We know it’s a political poll or they are eager to tell us that someone (an anonymous relative or generous benefactor, I presume) has generously prepaid for a medical alert bracelet/necklace for us. All we need to do is give our information to them and we will receive it free of charge. We also get a call with the same scenario, but a home security system is the prize. Exploiting the fears that some older people experience is a consistent thread.

And then there’s the Indian gentleman, Jim, who wants to help me with my computer because there’s been a “security breach.” “Are you sitting in front of your computer now? Please go to your computer now. We’ve been informed that your computer has been hacked. Please hurry.” If I complied, I’m sure he would ask for passwords, etc.

Who the heck put my name on the “mentally fragile/elderly sucker” list? It really is sickening how this particular brand of scum preys on older people. I hope there’s a very bad place waiting for them. Maybe a place where they are very, very old, and someone hits them on the head with the eraser end of a pencil all day long.

So the latest scumbuckets who’ve worked their way into my life nabbed my credit card number, and probably made a card with my number on it. I have no idea how they got it: maybe through the breach in security at Home Depot or maybe when I used it online? Who knows? I do know that H used our card at Home Depot during that vulnerable time period that we were warned about.

We received a call from our credit card company yesterday. Someone in Austin, Texas made a $100 charge at a retail store. It was approved, but when the culprit attempted to make another purchase, Capital One refused approval and called us. Thanks to prompt detection, we only have to suffer a minor inconvenience. It will take five days for a new card to be issued with a new account number. No problem.

When my sister died, we went to the cemetery with my BIL and helped him with his choices. After we spent an hour or so choosing the container for her cremains, the bench memorial, the plot, he handed over his charge card. The gentleman left the room. He quickly returned and informed my BIL that the card company would not approve the charge and wanted to speak with him. Someone had used his card or account number to make purchases. Can you imagine? He used a different card, but what a ridiculous thing to have to deal with at that moment.

If these people would put half as much effort into honest work as they put into scamming people, they could do just as well. No thrill, I guess.

Here’s the good news. Today is our 45th anniversary. I’m not married to a scumbag or scumbucket or even a mediocre fellow. He’s always worked, showered and never stolen my credit card, but best of all, he knows how to turn negatives into pluses. He’s very good at that. He has many more characteristics to recommend him, but he just brought my coffee so I have to go.